Dove Self-Esteem Project

Helping students feel better about themselves and others as they navigate through school


Dove Beauty (Unilever brand)


Thrive Well-being Centre by Dr. Sarah Rasmi

Problem to solve:

Young people are negatively affected by the way media portrays beauty ideals. In the most serious cases this led to self-harming and suicidal tendencies.


Encourage body positivity among young people by educating them on how imagery of people is used and altered in mainstream and social media. Help them to look and feel more positively about themselves.


With no link to the global Dove Self-Esteem Project at inception, Interact designed the whole UAE program from scratch.Interact conducted research with schools to gauge the correct target age, adapted resources for the UAE market, onboarded over 50 Dubai private schools, trained teachers and facilitated learning in schools with support from trained psychologists.

The successful delivery of the Dove Self-Esteem Project in UAE schools became a template for other broad school health & well-being programs, with each one including an important pillar of ‘train the trainer’ teacher training.


  • Over 9,000 students in 54 schools educated with the ‘Confident Me’ learning modules
  • Provided tools for teachers to discuss traditionally difficult subjects with their students
  • Trained teachers and students how to identify the signs of mental distress events

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