The Dash

Fun, friendly events bringing people together to exercise in a non-intimidating setting

Owned by Interact

Problem to solve:

Create, promote and grow events to get inactive people active. Provide a fun and non-threatening environment, and opportunities for Emirati and other Arab women to exercise in private.


A series of peer-led events where community members can come together for a fun relay running race and 20+ other activities, including a closed, ladies-only event.


The Dash Series consists of the Dubai Dash, Abu Dhabi Dash, Mini Dash and Ladies Dash events.

Each Dash event gets members of the community together for fun running races in team formats. The events also include villages where participants can try their hand at different sports and activities.

Prizes are awarded across competitive and non-competitive categories. It really is the taking part that counts!

The Dash Series was the first non B2B event launched by Interact and is the bridge between what the company started doing in its early days (sport conferences) and what it does today (mainly branded and sponsored programs).


  • 500-2,000 people attending each Dash event
  • Respected and recognised across the industry
  • Nominated for Sport Industry Awards and Middle East Event Awards
  • Large female only events provide one of the few opportunities for Arab women to exercise outdoors in private

For more info:

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