Dyson: Engineering a Sustainable Future

Inspiring and exciting secondary school students about engineering, innovation and sustainability. Led by Interact on behalf of Dyson.




Work on behalf of engineering power house Dyson, to educate and excite students on lean engineering, design innovation and sustainability.


A school programme for students aged 11-14, made up of four modules focused on engineering a sustainable future. Each hands-on module tackled global issues including plastic waste, energy efficiency and sustainable material usage.


In 2022 we launched the Engineering a Sustainable Future programme, run by Interact on behalf of Dyson. 

Interact’s role was development of the educational content, leading a schools competition, managing the PR campaign and advising Dyson’s B2B and B2C marketing departments.

Interact developed four modules to engage school students and designed them around engineering challenges. Examples of Dyson’s innovative engineering underpin each of the bespoke modules.

Students were encouraged to use their own design thinking, coming up with their own ideas before planning and executing collectively.


  • 10 schools and 785 students took part in the first roll out of the programme
  • Press pick up in major news publications including dailies and trade magazines