Meet Dani, Schools Account Manager

At Interact, we work with like-minded brands and government to embed healthy activity into communities. Our programmes have already successfully reached over 130,000 students, teachers and parents across the UAE.
To help us expand our reach and impact, Danielle Oliver joined us as our Schools Account Manager in February this year. Dani plays a key role in liaising and onboarding schools in the region onto our educational programmes, and is the first point of contact for teachers and principals.
Find out more about Dani below!
Hi Dani! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up in Dubai?

I grew up in South Manchester, UK, in a place called Cheadle, Cheshire. I went to Stockport Grammar School which I absolutely loved. It was very competitive and we were really pushed but I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of school life and playing every sport that was offered to us.

Following A-Levels, I went to University of Leeds to study Management and German Studies which included an amazing year abroad where I lived and worked in Munich.

I then went travelling around the world which was something that was always on my bucket list. Shortly after the trip, I made my move to Dubai and never looked back. I have now been in Dubai 16 years and counting!

Now that you’re more settled into your role, what are you hoping to achieve at Interact?

As Schools Account Manager, I’m aiming to reach as many schools as possible with our work. We want to make as big an impact as possible, and that’s why all our programmes are free and accessible to schools across the region.

We’ve also got some exciting new school campaigns and programmes launching later this year which will definitely play a big role in helping us reach even more children.

Dani Oliver, Schools Account Manager with Principal
And what’s your favourite part about your role?

My favourite thing is seeing the positive impact that our programmes have on students. As a parent, I know first-hand how important it is to teach our children healthy habits from a young age. Through the Farm to Table programme and The Daily Mile UAE initiative, this is embedded from youth and becomes a part of everyday life! We’re teaching and showing them that it’s fun, which is the most important thing for children, and that’s exactly how the children describe it… FUN!

A big part of my role is also building relationships within the teaching community and I’ve really enjoyed meeting with so many passionate Principals and educators who genuinely care about their students’ wellbeing.

What exciting things have you been working on this week?

This week, I headed to Al Ain to visit some principals who are interested in enrolling their school in our free programmes. I’ve also been busy with some class excursions at Spinneys’ first sustainable store in Layan this week. These trips are an added bonus for schools who have completed the Farm to Table programme – it’s always great to see first-hand what the children have learnt from the classroom modules. There’s never a dull moment working with children and they really add a touch of humour into our day with some of their hilarious comments!

Dani Oliver, School Account Manager at Spinneys Layan
What do you get up to outside of being a Schools Account Manager?

Weekends are spent as a glorified driver, taking my children to various sporting events and numerous parties! Jokes aside, we love family time at the beach or pool during the weekends and socialising with friends. We love travelling as a family and exploring different countries together and I think it’s so important for them.

Our favourite holiday is definitely our family ski trip which is the trip that my children look forward to most each year. As a parent, it’s the best feeling to ski down the slopes with our minis (although my son is definitely braver than me now!)